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Professional lawn care in Palm City and the surrounding area

Our lawn care programs are your one-stop shop to keep your lawn luscious and healthy.

Monthly Lawn Care Maintenence

The look of your lawn plays an important role in your commercial and residential property value. Our lawn care programs allow our clients to customize their maintenance services to their lawn’s specific needs. Our skilled technicians will evaluate your lawn’s needs and set up a customized program to achieve optimal lawn growth as well as a professionally manicured look.

Complete Fertilization

At Images of Green, we know a healthy lawn is a well-fertilized lawn. Our tailored Florida lawn fertilization program is designed to provide your lawn the nutrients it needs to thrive and grow healthy during every season. Our standard service uses innovative fertilizer techniques and cutting-edge, year-round supplements to achieve the best results possible while keeping weeds out of your lawn.

Weed and Pest Control

Are you worried about not being able to enjoy your lawn this year because of prickly weeds or pesky bugs? We know that having a green and healthy lawn includes keeping pests off of it. Pests can cause lawn disease, create patches in our grass as well as harm us. Our weed and pest control programs use your choice of organic or chemical solutions to keep your landscape free of weeds and lawn pests throughout all seasons.


When your soil is compacted, it can cause many problems for the health of your soil. Compacted soil makes it difficult for your lawn’s grass to grow deep roots needed to absorb essential nutrients and grow full and healthy. Our aeration services break up the compacted soil by creating pockets to allow air, water, and other nutrients. This gives space for grassroots to grow and gives them easy access to essential nutrients needed to create a deep grass root system.

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How to Start your Lawn Care Program


Contact Us

Fill out a Contact form or give us a call. You’re one step closer to achieving a greener, healthier lawn.


We Assess your Lawns Needs 

A member of our team will come out to your property to assess your lawn’s specific needs. Once we know the needs of your lawn we can create a custom lawn care plan. 


Execute your Custom Plan

Leave the rest up to us! Once we have a plan in place that meets your budget and lawn care needs, we’ll take care of the rest.

What Makes Our Lawn Care Different

One-Stop Solution

You don’t have to worry about calling your mowing guy, someone for mulching, and someone else to fertilize your lawn this season. Images of Green are full-service lawn and landscape professionals. 

Fully Licensed and Insured

Take comfort in knowing that your personal assets are protected when we’re working with equipment on your property.

Auto-Pay and credit card available

Convenience and quality are what separate us from other companies. Not only are quotes and invoicing available online, but so are payments!

Electronic Quote Approval and invoicing

Paperless billing is more straightforward and less hassle. Our electronic quotes and invoicing allow you to easily manage your lawn and landscape services and payments all online!

Make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood with our complete lawn care services

We offer more than lawn care services. Take a look at a few of the other lawn and landscaping services we offer below.


We build custom landscapes ranging from sod to flower bed designs. Our landscaping services include tree and stump removal, pest management, and much more!


Manage the distribution of your landscape’s water with our irrigation services. We install, repair, and maintenance sprinkler systems in South Florida.

Landscape Maintenance

Our maintenance services are offered weekly April – October and bi-weekly November – March. We keep your lawn maintenance on a set schedule so you’ll never have any surprise visits, and we will keep your lawn looking great throughout every season.

Tree Care

We offer full-service tree care to service all your trees needs. The professionals at Images of Green will keep your tree and shrubs neatly pruned and free from pests and disease.

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